Friday, February 26, 2010

Recipe Holders

These are some of the cute recipe holders that Bill Foster makes. He also make cats that were just as cute. If you have any suggestions or would like to place an order let us know. They make great gifts or if you are a cooker, you will never have to try to hold your recipe card with your floury hands again.

Quilts ready just for you to love and keep you warm.

Pastel Paisley Quilt-Twin Size $70
Western/Bandanna Quilt-Twin Size $80
Sexy Cowgirl-Throw $50
Natures Chorus w/ Blue Jean Quilt-Full Size $90
Vintage Turquoise and Brown -Baby Quilt $35

Necklaces for Sale

Pastel Cross Necklace $25
Multi Colored Neckalce w/ Crystal Cross $ 20
Tan/Purple/Sage Green Necklace w/ double sided pendant(cross and star) $40
Here are three necklaces I have made and ready to be sold.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Introducing 3 Crafty Critters

We would like to introduce our self and our passion-business these days besides our family of course. We are Janice Foster, Amber Collins and April Barnes. We each have a different craft and together we make up the 3 Crafty Critters.
I, Janice Foster crochet. I am learning each and everyday and have/and continually learning my trade for pass time from my wonderful Mother. Bathroom sets, toaster covers, scarfs and plastic bag hangers are a few of the items I am currently selling. I am expanding everyday and loving it.
I, Amber Collins design onesies and bow hangers. My onesies are for bouncing baby boys or gorgeous little baby girls. I can do bling or plain, need a specialized onesies just let me know. If you have a little girl, most and I say most not all, love to wear bows in their hair and I is easy to have a million bows all over the place. You need to try one of my bow hangers. I will use the letter of your choice and decorate to your child's theme. Any letter, I can do it.
I, April Barnes design necklaces and quilts. Pretty far of from each other but I so enjoy them both. I love to make necklaces of all different styles and length. No 2 necklaces are alike. As for my quilts, I am learning everyday and like my necklaces no 2 quilts are alike. I am expanding my knowledge everyday and my goal is to also learn the patterns of the old time quilts. I will always take suggestions and tips.
We are currently adding to our both wood work. Bill Foster is a wonderful woodsman/wood worker. Bill makes one of a kind pens, yes writing pens. If you have a certain color or theme just give Bill a call/email and chances are he can make it. I have personally seen a gun shell pen, yes made from a real shell, wooden pens and beautiful purple acrylic pen. Bill also makes beautiful wine bottle stoppers, recipe holders, and will be expanding to baby doll cradles.
If there is a Craft Fair in your area we would love to hear about it. We are new to the Craft Fair scene but we are enjoying it and learning with every Fair we do.